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Judges' Forum Pictures

Wanda Whitten had a wonderful Judges' Forum on Sunday, Sept. 24. It was
 held at the Continuing Education Building at Columbus State University.

Wanda opened the forum by introducing Contestant #1....Yours Truly!
(as an example of what a contestant is NOT suppose to be)

OK, I promised you a picture of the Interview "Winner" it is. . .

 Name: SuAnn Dixon, but you can call me "Barbie". (Big Barbie)
 Platform: "Bigger is Better"
 Talent:  Duel: Whistling Georgia on My Mind while hula hooping!
 THE question that "broke the tie":
       "How did you get interested in competing in this pageant?"
  "Barbie's Answer":
       "Well, I am so glad you asked. Pam Kennedy, our former Miss Georgia  
is the one that inspired me to enter this pageant. You know she is now
 traveling all over the United States as the new Miss America promoting her
platform which is "Eating DISorders".
 Well, Pam and I have something in common. I also have  an "Eating DISorder".
Yes,  I eat "dis" and "dat"; "dis" and "dat" and lots of "dis-es" and "dats"!!

Note: NOW, every judge  knows what an Interview is NOT suppose to be!
It was fun!! Just sorry you can't see the dark blue hose with clear shoes and the
blue bubblegum! of the Real Thing. . .

The pictures include the former contestants in Interview, Talent, Swimsuit and
Evening Gown. Wanda Whitten emceed and explained what the judges should
look for when judging the different phases of competition. General discussion
followed each phase of competition. Wanda also had Denise Daniels (a former
Miss Columbus), Roger Brown (Historic North GA Board member in charge of
Judges), and Greg Woolief (Field Director) speak about different areas of
judging and what to expect. Wanda concluded by having Pam Carter (Vice President) speak and answer questions from the audience. It was a great day, very informative
and lots of fun!

Wanda Whitten

The "Judges"

Interview Phase of Competition

Talent Phase of Competition

Swimsuit Phase of Competition

Evening Gown Phase of Competition

Denise Daniels

Greg Woolief

Pam Carter, VP