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    From the Crown

Meet Miss Georgia 2000

A Note from Our Miss Georgia

Hi Everyone!
     What can I say but thank you, thank you and thank you again!!!
I do not think I could have survived Miss America if it wasn't for the
tremendous support that I had from the wonderful people accross the state.
I did have a wonderful time in Atlantic City and made so many memories that
I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I wish that every young woman
could have the opportunity to step on that Miss America stage and experience
those three fabulous weeks. The first time at rehearsal when I heard "There
She Is", I cried. It was so overwhelming to actually be at MISS AMERICA!!!
    Winning the title of Miss America would have been great but there is a
reason for all things. I know that I will have a great and exciting year
ahead as Miss Georgia. If I were Miss America, the rest of my life  would
have been spent in the public eye and very rarely would I have the
opportunity to actually touch individual lives and have a personal
connection with everyone that I encounter.
   As Miss Georgia, I know that everytime I speak everyone at that moment
will know who I am, and know what I stand for. And hopefully they will remember
 me for the rest of their lives. Many people that I meet this year may never know who
 Miss America is, what she looks like, or what her platform is, BUT it is my mission
 to have everyone know me, but more importantly feel as if I know them. What more
could I ask for?
      I cherish the opportunity that I had to compete for the title of Miss America,
but I will cherish that opportunities that I have had and will continue to have as
Miss Georgia just as much. Thank you again to everyone that has supported me,
it means more than you will ever know!!  Miss Georgia can only be as strong as
 her supporters, so for that I owe you much.
       I look forward to seeing all of you very soon!

With love,