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From the Board. .

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Board of Trustees

**The Miss Georgia Board of Trustees held it's annual election
on Monday, Sept. 25.
The Board would like to welcome the new members to the Board
as well as the Trustees that have new positions on the board.
These are listed below in red.

 David Laney

President/Executive Director
Mansfield Bias

Vice Presidents:
Pam Carter
Alta Collins
SuAnn Dixon
John Donaldson
Pat Eldridge
Oz Roberts
Susan Squires

Craig Grantham

Billy Kendall

Board Members
Jeff Adams
James Baudoin
Kyle Blair
Bernice Bias
April Brinson
Becky Britton
Everett Byrd
Denise Daniels
Richard Davis
Pat Diaz-Verson
Joe Dickens
Martha Donaldson
Neal Fenter
Chris Gill
Jane Greer
Jannie Gregory
Jane Grogan
Joe Jefferson
Phyllis Johnson
Tommy Johnson
Andrea Martin
Charlie Mordic
Faye McCollum
David Moore
Barbara Motos
Jimmy Motos
Janet Roddy
Paul Sewell
Melissa Stewart
Amy Swanson
Wendy Taylor
Helen Turner