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 General Information

Top 10 Recipients of the 2000 Raffle Ticket Rebates

1.    Miss Atlanta Pageant                                                                     $ 875.00
2.    Miss Chattahoochee Pageant                                                        535.00
3.    Miss Emanuel County/Southeast Georgia Pageants               275.00
4.    Miss Valdosta State Univ. Pageant                                                160.00
5.    Miss Cobb County Pageant                                                            145.00
6.    Miss South Central Georgia Pageant                                            130.00
7.    Miss Elliottia Pageant                                                                        125.00
8.    Miss Conyers Cherry Blossom Pageant                                        75.00
9.    Miss Dublin-Laurens County Pageant                                            70.00
10.  Miss Wayne County Pageant                                                             50.00

                              John Donaldson, Treasurer

Note: Some people are confused about some of the rules concerning contestants,
residence and franchises. We hope this will clear some things up.
If you have other questions, please contact your Field Director or Pam Carter.

               Rules from the LOCAL PAGEANT BOOKLET

Rule.  One or more of the following requirements must be in existence at the
time of the local pageant and on the first day of the Miss Georgia Pageant:
     A.     A contestant must be a bona fide resident of the franchise area and has
          been a bona fide resident for a period of six months immediately
          preceding the date of the Local Pageant and has maintained such
          residence until the time of the Miss Georgia Pageant is held.

     B.     A contestant must be a bona fide employee (employed by employer for
          at least forty hours per week as verified by employer) of the franchise
          area for a period of six months preceding the date of the Local Pageant
          and has maintained such employment until the time  the Miss Georgia
          Pageant  is held.

     C.     A contestant must be a bona fide registered full time student at a college
          or university in the franchise area and who is attending class at a college
          or university area.   This must be true for the current quarter and the
          previous quarter prior to competing in the local pageant.  For the purpose
          of this provision, a contestant will be considered a full time student if
          she meets the criteria for a full time student of the college or university
          at which she is enrolled.

     D.     If there is no area pageant in which encompasses the area of a contestant's
          residence, then she may compete in the area pageant of the nearest
          franchise during the pageant year.  For purposes of eligibility, the
          contestant must be a bona fide resident of her current county for a
          period of six months immediately preceding the date of the local pageant
          and must maintain such residence until the time the Miss Georgia Pageant
          is held.

     (Pam Kenndy is from LaGrange and attends school in Carrollton at the State
     University of West Georgia.  Her residence in LaGrange  did not qualify her for
     Atlanta, but her residence at her University did.  Because there is not a
     local in the area, she was able to select the next nearest local which allowed
     this.  This was  Atlanta.  She could not have entered Columbus just because
     she had won Troup.  Holding the local title does not qualify a contestant for
     the next nearest local.  The only thing that will qualify her is if she does not
     have a pageant.  Then she may select to enter one and only one of the locals
     which is nearest to her.  As Pam selected to enter Atlanta because of her
     residence as a full time student in Carrollton.  I hope this clears this question
     up for each of our local franchises.  I suggest that if you have a question you
     ask the Field Director or call Pam Carter).

          The Miss Georgia Board continues to strive to give every young woman is
     is of eligible age every possible opportunity to participate in a local pageant!

Miss Georgia Pageant 2000 Scholarship Raffle Winners

1st Prize of $2,500.00 - Steve Duncan of Marietta, GA
2nd Prize of $1,250.00 - Dawn Barngrover of Columbus, GA
3rd Prize of $500.00 - Virginia Hall of Dalton, GA
4th Prize of $250.00 - Greg Woodlief of Atlanta, GA
5th Prize of $100.00 - Kay Cagle of Hinesville, GA

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for supporting the Miss Georgia Scholarship Fund.

New Summer Host Family

Doug and Sybil Jones will be the new summer hosts for Miss Georgia 2000, Pam Kennedy.