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Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Inducts Bill Ploeger

Congratulations to Bill Ploeger who will be inducted into the Georgia
Golf Hall of Fame, along with Davis Love, III and Gene Dahlbender, who
be inducted posthumously. This honor, recently announced at a press
conference by the GGHF, will take place in Augusta, GA on January 6,
2001. Bill and Alta (MGP VP) will attend the induction ceremony to be
held at Augusta Golf and Gardens. Again, congratulations, Bill, on
your upcoming GGHF induction!

Emily Edwards' Senior Recital

Emily Edwards, a Miss Georgia Pageant contestant is having her Senior Recital Dec 5, 8pm at the Newton Chapel in Macon, GA  
She will be singing Faure, Schubert, Donaudy, Morlacchi, Mechem,
Purcell, and Moore.  
Entrance is free to the public and EVERYONE is invited!