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E-Pal Anniversaries
      Fun Stuff

**We would love to include you in our anniversary database. If you
are interested, please send me your anniversary date (month and day)
and the franchise affiliation.   

Happy Anniversary!

May 5--Shelly Crumption
Miss DeKalb County Board

May 22--Kaye Godwin
Miss Conyers Cherry Blossom Board

May 26--Jane Greer
Miss Georgia Board of Trustees

June 10--Ben Brown
Miss Central Georgia & Miss Greater Thomaston Boards

June 11--Faye McCollum
Miss Georgia Board of Trustees

June 17--Scotty & Rebecca Williams
Miss Georgia Video Producers

July 18--Jim & Judy Neighbors
Field Director & ED of Miss Troup County

June 19--Bill Baughman
Miss Gwinnett County Board

June 19--Brooke Smith
Miss Mall of Georgia Board

June 27--Kaye Stover
Miss Apple Capitol Board

June 29--Alicia Long
Miss Georgia Field Director

July 4--Anna Marie Nichols
Pageant Fan

July 6--Charlene Newsome
Miss South Central Board

July 19--Park & Carol Jones
Miss Albany Board

August 3--Elisabeth Thompson
Miss Emanuel County/Southeast Boards

August 5--Tate Sasser
Business Manager

August 12--Shana Monteith
Miss Columbus State University

August 19--Brenda Littlefield
Miss Warner Robins Board

August 20--Paschal & Beverly English
Former First Family

August 22--Kevin Propst
Miss Georgia State University Board

August 23--Melinda Aranda
Miss Augusta Board

September 9--Ron & Faye Patrick
Miss Savannah Board

September 16--Ron & Mary Ann Rich
Miss Northeast Georgia Board

September 26--David & Ruthie Laney
CEO Miss Georgia Board

September 28--Karen Thomas
Miss Greater Southwest Georgia Board

October 29--Mark Rhodes
Miss Henry County Board

November 14--Chris & Melody Baker
Miss Historic North Georgia Board

November 26--Jane Warren
Miss Greater Southwest Board

November 27--John & Martha Davidson
Board of Trustees VP & Trustee