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Then & Now

       Fun Stuff

**Has everyone out there heard Bobby Eakes, Miss Georgia 1982, new record on the country stations?

**Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, Miss Georgia 1976,  became president of the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine (ACP-ASIM).  She was the youngest ever elected president of this National Organization.

**Bobbie Eakes, Miss Georgia 1982, celebrates her 11th anniversary as the dazzling Macy Alexander on CBS' soap, "The Bold and the Beautiful". A former Miss Georgia and Top 10 Miss America finalists, Macy is also in the beauty biz. Her new "Simple Glamour" skin care and spa treatments are due this spring through the Web. She also finds time for country-pop music. Her first album, duets with B & B's Jeff Trachta, went double platinum in Europe.

(Read in TV Guide)
    "The Bold and the Beautiful's" Bobbie Eakes has landed a contract with Columbia Records Nashville and will hit record bins June 26th with her first single--a duet with red-hot country artist Collin Raye called "Loving This Way". An achy-breaky ballad about a romance that never should have been, is also on Raye's new CD, "Tracks".  It might as well be Eakes's theme song on the Bold and the Beautiful....The article in TV Guide goes on to talk about the Soap Opera and the fact that Eake's character has been a "loser" for nearly a decade) .."and my ego has taken a bashing over it" admits Eakes, a former Miss Georgia. " She says "I've gone years thinking Brad Bell (B & B boss) just didn't see me as a winner because he keeps Macy so tragic. But this current story line is goo and I've stopped fighting being a loser. Now I embrace it."

**Congratulations to Stephanie Michels, Miss Georgia 1992. She is now starring in "Contact", the Broadway dance show. The show opened March 30th at Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont Theater on Broadway. Stephanie plays an 18th Century noblewoman who get airborne and amorous with a footman.

**Seva Day May, Miss Georgia 1975, lives in Shreveport, Louisiana. She is singing with her orchestra every Monday on one of the riverboat casinos. She is still very involved in local theater and is doing "9" this summer. She is learning Italian for her part as well as working out with a personal trainer to keep in shape. Seva's oldest son, Blake, is about to graduate from LSU. He has taken his MCAT and will be applying for Medical School soon. The Youngest son is graduating from high school and will be joining a branch of the service.

**Candice Little, Miss Georgia 1997, has moved to Columbus to take a position with WRBL-TV Channel 3 as one of the Anchor persons.

**Dr. Shea Olliff Bates, Miss Georgia 1996, and her husband, Newton, welcomed their new baby boy, Jay Newton Bates, III on January 26, 2000. Baby Jay weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz. and was 20 inches long.

**Andrea Krahn Martin, Miss Georgia 1994, will be appeared in the lead role in "Grease", opposite Pageant soloist Daniel Britt. "Grease" ran from March 16-April 8 at the Springer Opera House in Columbus.

**Rachel English, Miss Georgia 1995, is the morning and noon anchor for WMAZ, Channel 13, in Macon where she lives. She is loved by her viewing audience and was recognized in Washington, DC recently for having the best ratings in Ganet for her show.

**Jeanine Parris, Miss Georgia 1953 has worked the last 10 years as Receptionist/HR with LL Building Products, Inc., a subsidiary of GAF (the largest roofing contractor in North America) where they manufacture ventilation products and sell mainly to Home Depot. She loves her job and the people she works with. She loves sports, particularly golf, bowling and the Atlanta Braves! She participates and contributes to the Marian Smith Scholarship for the Miss Cobb Pageant and declares that her association with the pageant keeps her interest alive and fresh. She is looking forward to going back to the Three Arts Theater where she was crowned and looking forward to attending the 2000 Pageant.  (Jeanine, I am SO happy that you want to be on my "good" list!--SAD)

**April Brinson, Miss Georgia 1998 is engaged!

 Gail Bullock Odom, Miss Georgia, 1973
Foster and Gail celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, Foster had his 30th Football Bowl team reunion at East Tennessee State University, then turned "50" himself!  Their daughter Ashley was an honor graduate from Wayne County High School and has signed to play soccer at the College of Charleston.  She was Miss Wayne County High School.  Her sister Erica will be a high school senior this fall, and is a kicker for the football team!
They both play for the Georgia Olympic Development soccer team.
    Gail continues her work with her Advertising Agency in Savannah, and will judge the 2000 National Sweetheart Pageant (contestants are 1st runnerups from Miss America State Pageants) in September.  She will emcee the 2000 National Peanut Festival Pageant in October.  Gail has judged 27 Miss America State Pageants in her career including three Miss Americas.
She wished good luck to all 2000 Miss Georgia contestants!